The purpose of Direct Benefits Transfer is to ensure that benefits go to individuals' bank accounts electronically, minimising tiers involved in fund flow thereby reducing delay in payment, ensuring accurate targeting of the beneficiary and curbing pilferage.

DBT-GIS Version 1.0 is an application of mapping of financial infrastructure across the country to facilitate financial inclusion of rural masses so that Direct Benefit Transfer can reach the unreached. This GIS based system is developed around Multi-layer GIS platform -BHARAT MAPS established using NICMAPS Services.

Salient Features:

  •     • Framework Spatial Data Services
  •     • Robust & scalable framework based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  •     • Incorporates OGC standards based spatial data repository
  •     • Linkage to attribute data of financial institution, Post Office etc.
  •     • GIS tools – Standard GIS functions, Identify, Navigation, Search, Buffer and Distance measurement
  •     • Access in Government to Government(G2G) domain